"Dear Sheryl and the Elc community, We are so thankful to have Ivy @ a school that makes our family feel like home.. Everytime we drop Ivy off the director and teachers always have a smile on there faces and are ready to make each day a fantastic one.. Ivy has shown so much growth each year Thank you Temple Judea!" Thank you Marnee and Craig Lipkin
"What is there not to love about Small Wonders at Temple Judea? Between the supportive teachers, creative environment, interesting curriculum, flexible staff, and the smiling face of my son every day, it is hard to choose just one thing that makes this school complete. My son has attended camp over the summer and a 3-day week preschool program for the past year. He looks forward to waking up each day and going to school. I am proud of his excitement to learn, achievements he has made, and the social skills that are modeled and reinforced . I would definitely recommend Small Wonders at Temple Judea to any other family who is looking for a school to best fit their child's emotional, physical, and social needs, but most of all, to have fun!" Rachel